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We are Capriano’s and We’re a World Class Italian Restaurant in Salisbury

Welcome to Capriano’s Italian Cuisine! We are an Italian restaurant in Salisbury, NC, and a local favorite serving up a diverse menu that features everything from Italian comfort food to beloved New York-style pizza. Tuesday through Sunday, our restaurant is open for both dine-in and take-out orders, making it easy to dine the way you want, with the food you love.

Every day, our talented staff works diligently to bring classic flavors and fresh ingredients to life through extraordinary food. Our team is passionate about providing you with an excellent experience, whether it’s your first time giving us a try or you’re a loyal customer.

At Capriano’s, our menu is full of options and variety, making it easy for everyone in your party or group to find something they’ll love. And while we maintain that we offer the best pizza in Salisbury, Caprianos Salisbury menu is full of all types of different foods. Despite our large menu, each meal has been carefully curated and thoughtfully procured to account for all types of tastes and preferences. Looking to indulge? We’ve got you covered. Fancy something with a strong nutritional value? We have classic Mediterranean flavors for a robust diet.  

While food is at the epicenter of all that we do, it’s important to note that creating a welcoming atmosphere and unforgettable customer service experience is also part of what makes Capriano’s special. As a locally owned and operated business, we are proud to represent Salisbury, and the greater Piedmont region of North Carolina. We offer customers both the convenient experience reminiscent of a larger chain, with the personalized hospitality of a local business.     

Salisbury NC Italian Restaurant

Our Caprianos Menu Salisbury NC at a Glance

Capriano’s is proud to offer a fully operational menu Tuesday through Sunday. Our guests will find that our menu is full of different options, many of which can be personalized based on sizing and flavor. Despite our diverse offerings, which boast options ranging from Mediterranean dishes to comforting calzones, at the heart of our menu is Italian food. Why Italian? For starters, Italian dishes are often both versatile and classic. Italian also makes a great focal point for any family dinner or individual dining experience. From pasta to pizzas, it’s no wonder that Italian remains one of the most popular cuisines in existence. At Capriano’s, we celebrate the spirit of Italian by cooking it up special, with care, detail, and focus.

A Flair of Venice Italy in Salisbury NC
Interior Venice Painting Capriano's Salisbury NC

It’s no surprise then that we consider ourselves a top choice for things to do in Salisbury NC. Our unbeatable combination of hospitable customer service and delicious food is what makes us a standout. Every day we aim to raise the high bar that we have set by offering our guests a simply satisfactory experience at every turn. Speaking of satisfaction, our menu boasts one of the most diverse available in Salisbury. To learn more about our menu, specialties, and accommodations, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have. However, listed below is a general overview of what we offer. *Note, our full menu is available for both dine-in and takeout.

Daily Lunch Specials

If you’re looking to eat exceptional food and save some cash in the process, our daily specials are perfect for you. You won’t find this level of affordability yet tastiness at any other Salisbury NC Italian Restaurants. Our daily lunch specials are priced accordingly and portioned carefully, to give you a satiating midday meal.

Carry-Out Specials

Our carry-out specials are perfect for a family takeout night with options to choose from that fit your style best.

Side Orders

When it comes to diverse places to eat Salisbury residents and visitors know Capriano’s is the city’s best choice. Our diverse side orders are a standout from the routine. We offer everything from classic American comfort food like chips to Greek specialties like olives and feta. Dress up your meal with any of our sides.

Buffalo Chicken Wings

No proper American Italian restaurant is without its offerings of chicken wings, and our specialty just so happens to be buffalo. Get your buffalo wings with your choice of sauce. Perfect as an entrée our side order.


Our salads are hearty, robust, and unique. You can opt for traditional American favorites ala house and chef salads or indulge in the flavors of Greece and Italy with our Greek option, traditional Caesar, and more.


When it comes to sandwich, restaurants Salisbury NC locals know that we at Capriano’s are serving up the area’s best and most diverse offerings. Not only do we offer classic cold cut and deli options, but we also have a wide range of hot sandwiches. With specialty cheesesteaks, chicken, and veggie options, everyone can find something delicious to eat at Capriano’s.

Mediterranean Fare

We’re proud to offer an extensive subsection of our menu dedicated exclusively to Mediterranean flavors. Why choose Mediterranean food? This specific old-world style of cooking is often hailed as being one of the healthiest and most jam-packed of nutrients. Mediterranean fare offers exceptional flavors while still boasting all types of healthy fats. Indulge in classics like gyros, souvlaki, pita bread, and other favorites originating from the region.

Our Specialties Feature The Top Salisbury Pizza Menu Options

Our menu is full of options because we believe in accommodating customers of all types. Whether your preference is rooted in taste or dietary restrictions, we offer a well-rounded menu that appeals to all types. At the heart of this menu sits our classic Italian favorites and some of our most popular offerings.

Pizza: Universally loved, it’s hard to go wrong with pizza. At Capriano’s we have a wide variety of pizzas guaranteed to appeal to all types of customers. From our stuffed variations to our thin crusts, you can choose the base for your pie. From there we offer all types of toppings, including white pizza specialties for those who favor something a bit more adventurous. From the classics to specialties, our pizzas come in three convenient sizes.

Your Search for Salisbury NC Italian Restaurants is Over

Customers can enjoy all types of food from Capriano’s, making us one of the most diverse Salisbury NC Italian Restaurants in the area. Of course, true to our namesake, our Italian options are at the core of our menu. Every day, we serve customers exceptional Italian favorites bursting with flavor and unmatched in freshness. Here are some of our favorite Italian dishes, made for you and made with care:


If you’ve never had a calzone, you’re in for a treat. The calzone is the ultimate Italian comfort food, and our calzones are jam-packed with goodies including high-quality Italian meats and irresistible cheeses. Get a small one for yourself, or a large one to share, the choice is all yours. We offer the best selection of calzones compared to other Salisbury NC Italian Restaurant.


Similar to a calzone, but with different sealing and dough shapes, strombolis are also personal favorites among our customers.


No good Salisbury NC Italian Restaurant is without a generous selection of pasta, and at Capriano’s, we’ve got the best options in town! We offer traditional pasta and pasta bakes, cooked to your preference. With all the proper toppings including meatballs, sausages, and garden-fresh veggies, our pasta is hearty, filling, and full of flavor.


Go big or go home with one of our specialty dishes, many of which highlight traditional preparations of chicken and shrimp. Indulge in a world of flavors with perfectly cooked juicy chicken dishes, homemade sauces, and everything in between. Our specialty plates are sure to satisfy like no other.

Why Choose Capriano’s Over Other Salisbury NC Italian Restaurants

Salisbury is home to lots of great cuisines. However, none are quite as popular with both locals and visitors as Capriano’s. While it’s obvious that our food plays a huge role in our popularity, there are other reasons why we believe Capriano’s is the right choice of Salisbury NC Italian Restaurant for you, your family, and your friends. Here are some of the top reasons why you should choose Capriano’s for your next dine-in or takeout experience:

An Abundance of Options

Why settle for just pizza and/or pasta when you can have it all? Capriano’s is known for its diverse menu that offers a selection for every type of diet and palette. From our delectable wings and calzones to our specialty pizzas, no one ever has to feel left or excluded from dinner or lunch. We are the best restaurant in Salisbury for variety. Despite our impressive number of offerings, we put the same focus and attention into each dish, rendering it perfect to taste!


Good food shouldn’t cost you a fortune, and at Capriano’s it doesn’t have to! We have lots of options, including plenty of specialties and carry-out deals designed to help you save on dinner and lunch. Moreover, our generous portions ensure that you and yours are properly fed, often with extras to boot. Ask us about our lunch, carryout, and senior specials for even more opportunities to save.

Convenient Take-Out and Dine-In

Capriano’s offers take-out and dine-in service Tuesday through Sunday. We are open for lunch and dinner every day that we are open! Our convenient online ordering process is perfect for getting your pasta, wings, sandwiches, and pizza. Our ordering process is incredibly convenient opposed to other Salisbury NC Italian restaurants. Hot and ready to order, we make it easy for you to get your food on your terms. Dine-in or takeout, our full menu is yours to choose from.


Impress your guests with catering that’s delightfully appetizing but won’t cost you an arm and leg. Our catering trays and family platters are the perfect accompaniment to your party or event, Thanks to our delicious carryout trays, you can pick and choose from a variety of cheesy, mouthwatering portions of pasta. You’re guaranteed to be a hit with your guests. For more information regarding catering, including how it works, stop in or call us today.

Locally Owned and Operated

Capriano’s is a local Italian Restaurant in Salisbury, representing the best of our small but formidable city’s cuisine and food culture. When it comes to restaurants in Salisbury NC, you won’t find one as proud to represent our community as Capriano’s. By supporting our restaurant, you support the community and vice versa. We thank our loyal customers, both visitors and locals to the greater Piedmont area, for their years of support and love.

Thoughtfully Made with Care

At Capriano’s, our talented cooks are the backbone of our operation. We carefully choose and handpick each chef to be a part of our team. Each meal we make is designed to ignite your taste buds and leave you feeling satisfied. Our cooks also integrate fresh and delicious quality meats, cheeses, into every meal, ensuring that you receive nothing but the best Capriano’s has to offer every time you choose us.

What Our Customers Say
Food was AWESOME!!! From the Chicago area, taste like home. Good pricing for portion size. Carly our waitress gets 10 STARS!!!!
I thought I crashed my tow truck and went to heaven. The staff are ANGELS. Read that again, A N G E L S. …
Nice restaurant, friendly staff and good food. The prices are also good. I picked the meditaranean wrap and it was delicious, I especially enjoyed the bread for the wrap. The creamy pasta salad was a good fit for the meal. The gyro platter had a lot of food which was good, the portion size was perfect and in relation to the price.
Come and See Us Today!

Capriano’s is located just a hop and skip away from interstate 85 at 231 Faith Road in Salisbury. We’re open Tuesday to Sunday at 11:00 a.m. and close at 8:00 p.m., and at 9:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. Our Caprianos Salisbury menu is available for both takeout and dine-in every day we are open, giving you the option to dine wherever you please.  You can also enjoy the convenience of having your orders delivered to you with our partnered third-party delivery services. Simply place an order through their platforms and have it arrive at any location that suits you best!

Additionally, our convenient location is situated roughly 45 minutes north of Charlotte and 50 minutes south of Greensboro. As a result, we make a great stopover location when traveling between the two cities since we are located near I-85, with a very big parking area and fast service from our staff that is more like friends to our customers.  Stop in today and taste the best Salisbury, and North Carolina has to offer, or order online.  In any case, your next meal is just a few clicks away. Contact us now!